Homeland Furnishings

Home Land Furnishings & Fabric Land Stores provides interior and outdoor design solutions, by furnishing goods that are competitively priced, wide in range and specifically chosen for it’s uniqueness and aesthetic. Offering thousands of home accessory merchandise in nine unique lands.

New website, new brand

Homeland Furnishings came to KEPRESSCLUB looking to create their new eCommerce site to help better convey the quality of their products and increase their sales. 

We saw some immediate opportunities to create a single, responsive website that would help them serve their audience no matter what device they were browsing on and remove the complexity of having to maintain multiple codebases. 

Design Insights

From our initial research, we gained a clear picture of Homeland Furnishing’s audience which consisted of a largely older demographic. Part of the opportunity did include modernizing the look and feel of the site to appeal to younger visitors, but we wanted to make sure we met the needs of all users, including taking into consideration the needs of this important demographic. We were able to uncover the following Design Insights:

Older online shoppers would spend more time on a mobile version of an eCommerce store if the images and text were large and easy to see.


The result is a modern, beautifully designed fresh site that provides an incredible shopping experience to users of all ages.

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