Karishaboutique is a high end fashion clothing store. The store needed us to deliver an eCommerce solution for their boutique within 4 weeks.


Karisha, had a website before that was created using the weebly editor. The owners didn’t quite like a few things.

  1. First, they didn’t like the design and order of the website. It was difficult to navigate the website and find products. Secondly, there was a problem in the images.
  2. There was a lack of control in doing anything much and supposedly they were unable to have control the quality or the manipulation of the layout of the images because they were using a weebly template.


Re-design the website. Use a solid platform such as WordPress + WooCommerce. Make products easier to search and filter. Design the website in a way that the layout of the product pictures are attractive.

The project took 1 month to complete and handover.

Our Role

Our role in this project was designer and coder. Our responsibility was also to setup the hosting and implement the eCommerce site on the server. In the handing over our responsibility was also to train someone assigned by the owner to manage the site and the inventory.

Lessons Learned

The lessons learned was in the server management. We didn’t expect eCommerce websites to consume so much resources, especially if you take into consideration security, caching and traffic. One of the major problems we had when we had the site up was syncing the inventory with ‘SquareUp’. It literally slowed the site, sometimes crashing it with the background processing. It was also almost impossible to do anything in the back end once it was syncing the inventory. We eventually decided to temporarily update the inventory on the website manually until we can migrate owner’s website to a server with abit more processing. I’d recommend to anyone looking to host an eCommerce site to make sure to get a server with at least 4GB – 6GB RAM to start. Inmotionhosting and GoDaddy has some good hosting solutions.

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